terça-feira, 7 de setembro de 2010

Devil Doll - If I Died In Your Arms

Oh you know that I'll give you my heart
Even if it's torn apart
Coz I've come too far to be scared
And I don't regret what we shared

But you know that I'll love you for good
And I'll love you much more than I should
And I can't help but cry when you're so far away
But I'll smile coz I hope that you'll be back one day

If I died in your arms
Would you then give me your love
Would you tell me that you need me
and that I was the one

Now there's nothing I can say to you
To make you feel the same way too
When you walk away I just want to die
And I try not to break down and cry

But you know that I love you this way
Enough to let go and let you walk away
And maybe you'll come back maybe you won't
But when you're not with me I feel so alone

Chorus x2

Now there's one thing I need you to know
Coz you think that you just know me so
That I'll be there if you ask me to
If you only knew
That I love you so much that it hurts
My broken heart feels so much worse
You do what you want coz I gave you my best
And you know something,
If you ask me, I would say yes

Chorus x3

Would you tell that you need me and that I was the one x2

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